Superpowers for Programming Teachers

The first real-time platform for teaching programming online and in-person that enables you to connect with each student, see their work, and engage with their code instantly.

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Your New Superpowers

With Coding Rooms you no longer teach classes, you teach students!

Hear & See Everyone

State of the art video conferencing, audio, group messaging, and direct chat support for all classrooms.

Help Everyone

See, edit, and comment on every student's code in real-time with the unified live teacher dashboard.

Show Everyone

Present content, code, and configuration with ease, while students watch and work simultaneously.

Real-time Student Code Dashboard

The unified real-time dashboard hands you the power of seeing and interacting with every students’ coding pad in real time. The live coding dashboard enables each instructor to see every student's coding, debugging, testing, and thinking processes in real-time. This allows you to provide 100% individualized feedback, help, and support to every student throughout the entire duration of a class at the moment they need it most.

All the real-time coding pads in your classroom allow for collaborative editing, access control, presence tracking, error-checking, smart code suggestions, quick-fixes, documentation, and cloud-based code execution!

Smart IDE That Solves Problems for You

With Coding Rooms, gone are the days of managing installs, configurations, versions, permissions, and different operating systems. We bring it all to the browser and sync it across your entire classroom instantly. We also couple that with our state-of-the-art smart IDE that offers real-time suggestions, error checking, and help to you and your students!

Imagine you and your students all had a virtual coding guru on your shoulder – this is the experience that our IDE provides in real-time. Leverage this powerful toolkit to reduce your workload, and provide the ultimate learning experience!

Tooling that Supports your Instructional Workflows

Coding Rooms' streamlined admin options, scheduling, and classroom management features enable you to focus your effort 100% on teaching - not fighting with complicated learning management systems!

Coding Rooms also supports a wide array of features to ensure that your new remote or fully-online teaching is secure, safe, and error-free.

Conquer Online Teaching with Powerful Presentation & Conferencing Support

Can you hear me? Can you see my screen? Can you view the presentation? Yes, yes, and yes! Coding Rooms integrates a powerful suite of video conferencing, audio, screen sharing, presenting (PDFs and PPTXs), group chat, whiteboarding, and direct messaging tools so that you never have to worry about bringing your entire classroom experience 100% online. What's even more awesome? This whole experience doesn't require any installing any extra software!

While all the tools for your virtual classroom live in Coding Rooms, you are also empowered to use Coding Rooms in physical settings, mixed classrooms, and even alongside your favorite video conferencing tools!

All Your Favorite Languages Configured & Ready to Go

We currently support: Javascript • Java • Python 2 • Python 3 • C++ • Bash • C# • GoLang • Swift • Typescript • Kotlin • Perl • PHP • Ruby • Clojure • Haskell

Don’t see your language listed here yet? We’re always adding new languages! To get your language prioritized, please reach out to our support team with your request!

How It Works

Teaching programming is hard. Teaching programing online is even harder - unless you use Coding Rooms that is! Let's do this in 1, 2, 3!


Schedule a Classroom

Once you're signed up, scheduling a classroom is just two clicks away! You can customize all the details, and lock your classroom with a secure password.

Share Join Link

Share your classroom to your students with a single join link, perfect for email, chat, and learning management systems. Students don't have to create an account or install anything!

Teach & Code Live

Start your classroom and instantly unlock the full power of Coding Rooms, the first virtual classroom for teaching programming in the world! Interact, code, and learn live!

Pricing Plans

We guarantee satisfaction and surprise-free pricing plans. Get started with your 14-day free trial instantly! No credit card required!


5.99 US$ / month

Schedule & share classrooms (unlimited duration)

Invite up to 5 students to your classrooms

Unified live student coding dashboard

Live audio, video, screenshare, presentation, group chat, and direct messaging

Intelligent IDE with suggestions, error-checking, and documentation

Core support for over a dozen popular programming languages

Live whiteboarding and user statuses to raise hands, show praise, etc.

Cloud-based development environment

Use with existing video conference solutions

Cloud-based classroom recording and storage

Basic live chat support

Live polls and questions during class

No login required for students

100% Browser-based

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19.99 US$ / month

Everything in Individual, plus:

Invite up to 50 students to your classrooms

Breakout rooms to support group work

Free online curriculum integration support

Priority live chat support

Granular presentation pad access control

Beam code and configuration instantly to help support sharing questions outside of standard presentation workflows

Share after-class feedback with all students *

Integrated lesson plan support in classrooms *

Google Classroom integration *

Schoology integration *

Moodle integration *

Clever integration *

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49.99 US$ / month

Everything in Essentials, plus:

Invite up to 100 students to your classrooms

Invite up to 5 additional instructors to your classrooms

Schedule a free 1:1 professional development and product training session with our success team

Live real-time previews of student websites when building with web technologies

Interactive support for machine learning, data science, and analytics platforms in Python

Auto-grading of student code *

Email address and domain-protected classrooms *

Integrated professionally-developed training content and courseware for use in your classrooms and professional development *

Canvas integration *

Blackboard integration *

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Institutional, District-wide, & Enterprise

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Everything in Premier, plus:

Organization-wide access and licensing (with volume discounts) • Custom SSO setup options • Custom 3rd party application integrations

Server co-location and on-premises installations • Enterprise-grade service level agreements • JSON REST API access, documentation, and support

White-labeling options • Custom branding setup • Full-service curriculum integration and customization

* Coming soon

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